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Ragray setup download

Ragray setup

First and foremost always remember that you have the latest Ragray/Miruku/kRO on your computer i recommend Miruku since Ragray is down for a long time. Also, I just want to ask how to setup the client for this server? I found some tutorials that needs grf editor, all is well but when it comes to ragexe. The latest Tweets from Ragray (@RagrayInstaller). Ragray is a full installer/setup for Korean Ragnarok Online. It combines the normal kRO files with the.

I DL an alternative Ragray: Grav errors. Try to play: Grav Name: Ragray ratemyserver. File size: Ragray is a full installer/setup for Korean Ragnarok Online. Ragray - kRO Sakray Installer Ragray is a full installer for kRO Renewal. It combines the kRO Ragnarok files with the Renewal files. In essence. Client here: Install this: Updated: FULL KRO RENEWAL Ragray - Ragnarok Online Korean (kRO) Renewal Client and BGM - Full client.

3: Run in your Ragray installation folder and let it patch your files 4: Launch and it should be working. THIS IS THE. After you install the ragray, download the small client of aeRO. Install aeRO full installer in Ragray directory (never create folder for aeRO).