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Bdemu 4.46 download

Bdemu 4.46

CFW + COBRA + NEW NOBD este cfw contiene un nuevo BDEMU para gente sin controladora, este logra hacer funcionar la consola. multiMAN BASE (for BD-R and ODE) [Ru/Multi] [Cobra ODE / E3 ODE PRO] (): MB [PS3] multiMAN ver BDEMU Included: MB. This CFW contains a new BDEMU for users without a working or broken Drive that manages to run the console as it has a % working Drive.

bdemu, bd emulator. dumpdevflash, dumps dev_flash as a raw binary file. dumplv1, dumps lv1. dumplv2, dumps lv2. nordump, dumps nor. Hello guys i have a ps3 with no working logic board(emulating bdemu from MLT ) and i can play most games discless from APP_HOME. 年10月16日 So i done my update to rogero v but when i start multiman blush-se.com3 network server for multiman. or external payload.

This tutorial is tested and confirmed working on cfw Rogero. choose “ Mount BDVD” for BDEMU and “On” for ext/dev_hdd0/game. “Save. 8 Jul - 7 min - Uploaded by Rob Papallo This is the new version of Multiman for your PS3 running CEX or DEX base CFW Down. 6f6ffef69de9a11ebcd0, MB, ARCH [CEX] A01, CFW ARCH CEX A01 [No Spoof] & [BDEMU] & [Compatible ReactPSN v]. 18 мар Cex to dex. Our friend and DEV SGK has worked hard in recent days to lay a CFW Cedex worthy of himself. CAUTION Multiman HAS.