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Catz 5 full game download

Catz 5 full game

The Petz series of games from Ubisoft was incredibly popular at the time, not encounter any issues running Dogz 5 on our Windows PC. Game Features: * NEW Litterz: Previously just limited to one, Catz can now have up to four kittenz in a litter. * NEW Breedz: Five new Catz breedz to add to the. Catz that live on your puter and scamper across yourdesktop!Product InformationThe Catz are back in the fifth version of the bestselling Petz family! They play in.

Petz (Dogz and Catz) is a series of single-player video games dating back to , in which the Catz and Dogz 1 began with 5 Breedz per game. Unlike the shaggy denizens of Dogz, the five cats you choose from in Catz: Your Computer. For Petz: Dogz 5 / Catz 5 on the PC, GameFAQs has 1 review. # lowest rated PC miscellaneous game (# on PC, # overall). Difficulty: · Simple -. Read reviews and ratings of Petz: Dogz 5 / Catz 5 from our experts, and see than it's pervious editions (Petz, Petz 2, Petz 3 and Petz 4) Then game is cute and adorable for little kids. By ilovedbzsomuch2 | Review Date: Aug 25, | PC.

5. Free download of the FULL Petz 4 at this site! ( submitted 1 year ago by Eat_me_up_omnomnom · 2 comments; share. Who doesn't love those old Petz computer games from when we were kids? Well, we [Petz 5 CD Backup]: more involved install but sounds like the full game.